Super High | The Feeling


Bliss. That's what it feels like to me. 

Regardless of what you think I'm talking about, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Searching for, discovering it and getting high off it creates a deep indentation in your being that remembers, "Man, that feels good. I want to feel that again."

Moving my body, whether through yoga or a killer workout, is what brings me most bliss. 

Finding our passion, our high is one of the most sacred journeys we can take in this life. Whether it's yoga, surfing, painting, writing, singing, reading, math, astronomy or connecting with people, it's YOUR personal calling, regardless of whether you decide to pursue it professionally or not. Being aware of what makes your heart flutter and what makes your face smile is the first step in deciding to do it more - because it will bring you bliss, time and time again.

This immediately reminds me of a yoga festival I attended a few years ago. Wanderlust had built a huge wood deck at the very top of Stratton Mountain where several classes were held every single day of the festival. I got there a little early before class and was in awe with the view and the feeling of being that high up on the mountain. It was an outward representation of what I felt inside.

Practicing yoga and working out, breathing with awareness and intention gives me a feeling that I can only describe as euphoric - or high. And it's that exact feeling that I try to bottle up and carry with me wherever I go, in order to live a continuously joyful life. 

I invite you to look inside. Look deeply and don't be fearful of what comes up - our bliss has oftentimes been buried so deep that when we finally uncover it, we are faced with feelings of doubt and skepticism. That's when you take a step forward, and consciously decide to get high off your own bliss. Dig deep, it's there. 

With much love,




Event: Wanderlust Festival - Stratton, Vermont