Poses That Heal a Broken Heart


I’ll get right to it because when it comes to healing, time is of the essence.

  1. Pigeon pose: Sadness, fear and anger are often stored in the hips. Also not to forget the countless days/nights you curl up in bed tightening up the hip flexors. This pose is essential in relieving the negative emotions, albeit excruciating. So gather the courage and just do it. You’ll feel supreme afterwards!

  2. Childs Pose: This is to consolidate all the healing poses prior, but know that there could be a lot of emotions surfacing up here. Instead of letting the emotions get to you, try to witness them in a calm manner. It’s okay to feel the hurt but know that emotions are transient and your heart will heal in time.

  3. Camel Pose: On days when you're feeling stronger (as this one can be an intense release) a variation of Camel Pose is great. On the days when you need a little more love, Heart Bed provides a gentle release.To do this, with each inhale create space and room for healing. With each exhale, release anything in the way. After completion, allow yourself  to move into Child’s Pose to calm your nervous system and retrain your unconscious mind to know that it is safe to open your heart. Be gentle on yourself. Be kind. Healing is a process. You are doing a beautiful job. 

  4. Low Lunge variation with interlaced hands opening heart

  5. Sphinx or locust pose

  6. Bridge pose: This heart-opener invites us to be strong yet safely vulnerable; it also brings blood into the brain and glands that help regulate our hormonal and central nervous systems.

  7. Supine twist: This twist and the nurturing, 
restorative poses that follow are meant 
to help you surrender and consciously 
relax. The most important thing is to 
release, closing the eyes and tuning in 
to the breath and the present moment.

  8. Restorative twist on bolster: This pose soothes the nervous system by 
activating a rest-and-digest response, grounding the body, and quieting the mind.