Poses That Heal a Broken Heart


I’ll get right to it because when it comes to healing, time is of the essence.

  1. Pigeon pose: Sadness, fear and anger are often stored in the hips. Also not to forget the countless days/nights you curl up in bed tightening up the hip flexors. This pose is essential in relieving the negative emotions, albeit excruciating. So gather the courage and just do it. You’ll feel supreme afterwards!

  2. Childs Pose: This is to consolidate all the healing poses prior, but know that there could be a lot of emotions surfacing up here. Instead of letting the emotions get to you, try to witness them in a calm manner. It’s okay to feel the hurt but know that emotions are transient and your heart will heal in time.

  3. Camel Pose: On days when you're feeling stronger (as this one can be an intense release) a variation of Camel Pose is great. On the days when you need a little more love, Heart Bed provides a gentle release.To do this, with each inhale create space and room for healing. With each exhale, release anything in the way. After completion, allow yourself  to move into Child’s Pose to calm your nervous system and retrain your unconscious mind to know that it is safe to open your heart. Be gentle on yourself. Be kind. Healing is a process. You are doing a beautiful job. 

  4. Low Lunge variation with interlaced hands opening heart

  5. Sphinx or locust pose

  6. Bridge pose: This heart-opener invites us to be strong yet safely vulnerable; it also brings blood into the brain and glands that help regulate our hormonal and central nervous systems.

  7. Supine twist: This twist and the nurturing, 
restorative poses that follow are meant 
to help you surrender and consciously 
relax. The most important thing is to 
release, closing the eyes and tuning in 
to the breath and the present moment.

  8. Restorative twist on bolster: This pose soothes the nervous system by 
activating a rest-and-digest response, grounding the body, and quieting the mind.

Essential Oils That Ignite Femininity


Well hello there, darlings!

I wanted to send you a quick note to encourage you to connect with the gorgeous woman that you are. Essential oils are a huge part of my life and I've tried to replace most common over-the-counter medicines with powerful and smart oil blends that help with relevant symptoms.

Today, I want to focus on femininity. Feeling like a woman, as we all know, has its good days and bad days. BUT, the more we understand what makes us feel great, the greater we'll feel.

Enter: essential oils.

When using essential oils, trust your intuition for what you need. There are many ways to use your oils:

  • Diffuse around home - Amazon has many options, I own this one and it works beautifully.

  • Dab on specific body parts - pulse points, over heart, low back, shoulders, neck, stomach, feet, etc. as needed.

  • Blend with carrier oil to use all over body (my favorite!) - Carrier oils (i.e. jojoba, grapeseed, almond kernel, etc.) are mixed with 2-3 drops of desired oil to lather your body. Using oils this way allows them to penetrate your bloodstream as soon as you apply them.

These are my favorite essential oils that make me feel beautiful, powerful and grounded in my sensuality:

  • Rose creates a magnetic energy that attracts love and brings joy to the heart.

  • Jasmine has been nicknamed as the “queen of the night” and “moonlight of the grove” for its beautiful, seductive fragrance.

  • Geranium helps to release negative memories, balances the emotions, lifts the spirit and fosters peace, well being and hope.

  • Ylang Ylang balances equilibrium and restores confidence and self-love.

  • Neroli has been highly regarded by ancient Egyptians for its ability to calm the mind, body and spirit. It is stabilizing and strengthening to the emotions, promoting peace, confidence and awareness.

I hope these add a special something to your day and that you get to enjoy the powerful effects of essential oils today!

Sending you my love,


/ / C R E D I T S / /

Essential Oil Information, http://www.apteraromatherapy.com/articles6.html

Morning Rituals And Why You Should Implement Them


“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive —to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

Ahh, the beginning of a new day. Being able to ease my way into the day is a luxury I don't take for granted and the time I carve out for myself has become a sacred time for introspective work, whether it’s two minutes or 20 if I’m lucky and the babe is snoozing. Whatever your daily responsibilities are, whether caring for a child or being pressed for time to get to work, taking the slow approach in getting up is proven to increase feelings of happiness as well as aiding in productivity levels during your day.

About five years ago, I decided to make mornings a joyful experience rather than a dreaded one. Even though I was technically able to roll out of bed whenever I wanted, I decided to limit my use of the snooze feature and plan beautiful rituals to look forward to. According to Kenneth Wright, a neuroscientist and chronobiology expert, “Cognition is best several hours prior to habitual sleep time, and worst near habitual wake time.” Translation: our brains take far longer than we might expect to get up to speed (which explains why we sometimes do silly things in the mornings: put an empty cup in the fridge, use the wrong product for the wrong thing, pour milk over something milk isn't supposed to be poured over, etc.). So as much as we can help it, it’s best not to rush to do much right after waking up and rather let our brains play catch up with our bodies. An article in The New Yorker put it beautifully, "... taking our waking slow, without the jar of an alarm and with the rhythms of light and biology, may be our best defense against the thoughtlessness of a sleep-addled brain, a way to insure that, when we do wake fully, we are making the most of what our minds have to offer." 

In addition to brain function, taking it slow in the mornings sets up the vibe and pace for your entire day. "Positive attitudes create great days, and the best time to generate positivity is in the morning. In those precious early hours, we establish our mindset for the entire day, so it’s important to treat this critical period with attention and respect," said Amanda Kohr in an article for Wanderlust.  

Do you have any morning ritual in place already? If so, wonderful! Perhaps you’d like new ideas to add to your morning routine! If you’re a wake-up-and-go type person, then you might want to start thinking about at least trying one or a few of these. This is coming from someone who used to highly dislike mornings because they represented the simple fact that I shouldn’t be in bed, as stipulated by social standards. As you begin your journey in reinventing your mornings, you’ll [hopefully] start feeling more pleased with yourself, more acceptance toward others, more graceful toward external factors and maybe you'll notice yourself feeling happier in general. As we all know, happiness is the toughest antidote to stress, so the more happiness I produce through morning rituals and the lifestyle it encourages, the less stress that’s able to penetrate my psyche.  

Here are a few other ideas for how to start this wonderful habit as listed and described on Wanderlust

Light a candle. Sometimes even the simplest change can alter a room’s energy. Take the time to light a candle before you get ready, and enjoy the enhanced ambiance that you’ve created.

Lemon water. Hot lemon water aids in digestion and provides a plethora of vitamins and nutrients. Your mind will love this moment of serenity and your body will thank you, too!

Embrace nature. Regardless of where you live, taking the time to enjoy a bit of nature can help establish a positive outlook and a deeper relationship with the earth. Walk around the block, or spend a few minutes tending to a garden.

Read. Rather than scroll through your phone, spend a few minutes in the morning reading through a book or magazine. The activity stretches the imagination and encourages creativity and positivity, setting you up for a wonderful rest of the day.

Take a bath. If you have the time, a bath is a delicious way to begin your morning. The warm water eases sore muscles, and you can play around with essential oils, such as lavender or lemon, that are known to encourage feelings of peace and serenity.

Wash your face. Washing one’s face is essentially purifying one of your most vulnerable features. Feeling clean can lead to confidence, and the actual act of washing, scrubbing, and exfoliating creates an intimate and mindful experience.

Journal. This simple activity encourages self-reflection. Even on bad days, journaling allows us to vent and gain some perspective regarding our current situation. If you’re feeling creative, journaling can help the sparks flow and rejuvenate the imagination, leading to a more productive and inspiring day.

Make your bed. Making the bed is a mindful routine that helps enhance a room’s overall aesthetic, making it feel more inviting upon your return. It also takes little to no time — ideal for those of us in a hurry.

Indulge in a sweet fix. Sometimes I like to have a breakfast appetizer or dessert, and pair a piece of dark chocolate with my coffee or tea. This little treat provides an act of self-love, and can help transform an average Tuesday morning into a divine experience.

Set intentions. While our days are often clouded with to-do lists, setting small, personal intentions can help establish a feeling of control. Ask yourself, What do I want out of this day? Maybe it’s to be nicer to strangers, or to pay more attention to your partner.

Make a gratitude list. Gratitude leads to happiness. In addition to exploring your thoughts, take the time to write down one or two things you are grateful for. Whether it be your partner, your body, or nourishment, noticing your blessings inspires feelings of overall well-being.

Pick a treat. Give yourself something to look forward to. Maybe it’s a frozen coffee drink, a bubble bath, or happy hour with a friend. Either way, a small little present can help make you feel more enthusiastic about tackling the day’s challenges.

Self affirmations. We don’t tell ourselves “I love you” nearly enough. Plant yourself in front of the mirror and say the affirmations that you need to hear. These simple daily reminders will remind of your potential, leaving you feeling open and excited.

Choose one option that resonates most with you. Give it a shot for a week and move forward from there! Give yourself grace during this period of experimentation as adding rituals is just like any other habit - they take time to stick - so don't be too hard on yourself [ever]. 

My wish for you is of bountiful mornings of bliss, serenity and positivity. I'd love to hear some of your morning rituals and your experience as you try new ones. Please comment below to share your journey with me!

Sending you all lots of love,


// C R E D I T S //

New Yorker


Yoga For Everyone | Part II | Hip Openers

// This post was co-written with Katherine Harris for Darling Magazine. This is the second part in a 3-part series. Subscribe for upcoming yoga goodies! //


Eyebrows furled, I lay on the massage table as the masseuse was pressing in between my eyes with his thumbs. Relax. Just relax. Over and over again I was commanding myself to relax without any progress. Then, a quiet voice whispered in my head, “let go, and you will go deeper still.”

Until that moment I didn’t realize that my body, not just my brows, was tense and clenched as I was demanding my body to do  relaxation. The invitation I found was to let go, and simply be. With my next exhale I physically and metaphorically let go.

How we show up for one thing is how we show up for everything. We’re constantly putting demands on our bodies to “chill out,” “just relax” or “get over it.”  But, I wonder if there’s something we can learn in untraining ourselves from constantly doing and instead create space for letting go and simply being.

From the day we’re born we’re learning to balance this fight or flight response both physically and emotionally. Crossing the street, we halt when we hear a car peeling around the corner. Our body physically braces itself when we trip and fall to the ground. Emotionally, it happens too. That discernment or gut feeling we have when we walk into a room and our heightened senses tell us ‘”something isn’t right here,” “this isn’t safe, let’s go.”

In yoga, it’s taught that the physical manifestations of our fight or flight response — these emotions of trauma, stress, anxiety, and fear — are held in the hip area of our bodies, specifically in the psoas muscle. If your life seems riddled by fear, anxiety, endless to-do lists and stress, then chances are your hips are very tight.


Not to mention, we are a chair-bound culture. Most of us are sitting in chairs at a computer for most of the day which further tightens and shortens the hip flexors and surrounding muscles.

Today we’re going to work on opening our hips to create a deeper release in our psoas muscles and encourage what we’ve been creating the past few weeks: stress relief.  This area of our body holds so much tension and protects our bodies, but as many of us with tight hips know, when our hips are tight it impacts the rest of our body, as well. We’re programmed to do, do, DO.  But the biggest challenge of hip openers is letting go. It’s much less about doing and so much more about being and surrendering.


Let’s begin.

First start with our 15 minute stress relief warm-up.  After you’ve completed both Sun A’s and Sun B’s meet us in Downward Facing Dog.

  • From Downward Facing Dog, inhale and lift one leg and as you exhale, bend knee and open your hip. Stay for one 2 cycles of breaths.

  • As you exhale, place foot in between hands and spin back heel down, creating a 45 degree angle with the back foot. 

  • Find Warrior II, with hips open and front knee bent to 90 degrees if possible. If your hips are tight, find a wider stance with your legs. Stay for 5 breaths.

  • As you exhale, place hands on either side of your front foot and move through Chaturanga Dandasana - Upward Facing Dog as you inhale and Downward Facing Dog as you exhale. 

Repeat on other leg.


From Downward Facing Dog, place right foot outside right hand for Lizard Pose. Stay for 5 breaths. Option to lower back knee to the mat if you feel any discomfort. Keep your core engaged to prevent pelvis from sagging which can lead to low back injuries.

If possible, lower to your forearms and try both options with back leg, keeping the leg down on the mat with toes uncurled or tucking your toes, engaging the leg and lifting it off the mat. See what works best for your body. Stay for 5 breaths.

Walk your right foot toward your left hand and let the knee drop to the mat, preparing for Pigeon Pose. It's imperative to practice Pigeon Pose in excellent alignment, as poor alignment can lead to  many injuries. 

  • Pelvis should be in neutral position, with both hip points facing forward. If you're feeling tight or uncomfortable, prop yourself up with a cushion or blanket(s) under your right hip so your hips find a neutral point.  

  • Start with right foot close to your body (not pictured), with your heel touching your left hip. With practice and time, begin moving your foot forward to form a 90 degree angle with your shin (parallel to the short side of the mat). This angle greatly intensifies the lengthening of the piriformis muscle (outer hip), so move gently and give yourself time. 

  • Flex your right foot and press the outer edge of it into the ground, activating your outer hip. Try pressing your big toes into your palm so you can feel where the activation should be coming from.

  • Back leg is straight behind you with toes uncurled and relaxed. The top of your thigh, shin and foot are grounded on the floor. 

Once alignment is secured, slowly walk your hands forward until you’re completely folded over your right leg. Stay for 10-20 breaths.

To come out of Pigeon Pose, walk your hands toward your front shin, curl your back toes under, press into your hands and transition into Downward Facing Dog. Pedal out your feet as needed.

Repeat cycle of Lizard Pose to Pigeon Pose on left side. 


Options / Variation for Pigeon Pose:

Pigeon Pose Variation: With right leg in front, bend left knee behind and reach for it with your left hand, encouraging your hips to stay as square as possible.

Mermaid Pose: If possible, let your left foot rest in the nook of your elbow crease. Extend your right arm overhead, maintain an energetic lift from your pelvic floor (Kegel muscles) and reach for your left hand. Stay for 5-10 breaths.

One-Legged King Pigeon Pose: In Pigeon Pose, continue sending your tailbone down and crown of the head up. Encourage your torso to lengthen by securing your hands on either side of your hips. Lift your right arm up, engage your core, bend your elbow and reach back for your flexed, right foot. Lengthen the crown of your head up and allow your neck to mindfully bend back to gaze behind you. Stay here or move forward by finding balance and stability without the support of the left hand on the ground. Send the left arm up and back so both elbows are pointing upwards and both hands are holding your right foot. Continue lifting from your pelvic floor to prevent collapsing into your low back (lumbar spine). Breathe and slowly release one hand at a time before bringing your neck to a neutral position.

Follow the same steps listed above when transitioning between sides. 

What’d you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any questions whatsoever, leave a comment and I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can!

With love,


/ / C R E D I T S / /

Photos by Sara Kerens

Yoga Bestie, Katherine Harris of The Refined Woman

T-shirts by Spiritual Gangster

Yoga For Everyone | Part I | Darling Magazine

// This post was co-written with Katherine Harris for Darling Magazine. This is the first part in a 3-part series. Subscribe for upcoming yoga goodies! //


It's truly a blessing that I often get to combine my biggest passions - yoga and photography - and call it work. Yoga is a way to turn the lens around and take a look at what's going on inside, and no matter who you are or where you are in your practice, yoga is available.  

So when Darling Magazine wanted to offer its readers an accessible and short yoga flow that helped de-stress in a chaotic city like New York, we knew we were the gals for the job. When I say we, I'm referring to my best friend Katherine, from The Refined Woman. We're coming up on 4 years of knowing each other, but time has nothing to do with our love story. Kat and I come from very different backgrounds, but have somehow become women on a similar path - a path of self-awareness and constant dream chasing! 

When we’re in the same city, you'll often find us at any given park, with music & yoga pants on and breath moving up and down in unison. Regardless of the day's event, we come together and wipe our slates clean by one simple move: breathing.

I invite you to try this basic 15-minute yoga flow, prepared by Kat and myself, and experience what your body goes through. It's a perfect way to either start or end your day! 

I hope you give it a try and let us know what you think.

Namaste, loves.

With love always,



Y O G A  F O R  E V E R Y O N E  B Y  T U T T I  +  K A T 

First, find child’s pose. Sit back on your heels, rest forehead on the ground. Relax your entire body, and start connecting with your breath.

Next, find a neutral spine on all fours. Begin moving with your breath. Inhale into cow pose, exhale to cat poseRepeat five times. (This simple movement warms up your spine, wrists and hips.)

From here, curl your toes under and press into downward facing dog. Make sure you press into your index finger and thumb to avoid dumping weight onto the outside of your wrist.

Cycle through five breaths in downward facing dog. Slowly walk to your hands. Bend knees as much as you need. Arrive into rag doll position. Hold onto opposite elbows, and if it feels good sway side to side.

Now, onto through Sun Salutations A + B.



From rag doll, slowly roll all the way up, stacking one vertebrae over the next until you arrive and EXHALE in mountain pose.
INHALE, lift arms up, and gaze to your hands.
EXHALE, fold forward, release your neck.
INHALE, lift your torso halfway, gaze forward and widen your collarbone.
EXHALE, plant hands, step / hop back to chaturanga dandasana (if you can do a push up, you can do this!)
Bend elbows to 90 degrees and shift forward to upward facing dog as you INHALE.
EXHALE, downward facing dog.
Stay for five breaths.
Look forward, walk or jump to the top of your mat, INHALE, halfway lift.
EXHALE, fold forward.
INHALE, come to stand, raise your arms and look up.
EXHALE, mountain pose, arms by your side.



Make your way from downward facing dog to forward fold.

INHALE, chair pose, sit hips back and raise arms alongside your ears.
EXHALE, drop hands to the mat and straighten legs.
INHALE, halfway lift.
EXHALE, plant hands and step/jump back chaturanga dandasana.
INHALE, upward facing dog.
EXHALE, tuck toes, downward facing dog.
INHALE, raise right leg. Keep toes pointed toward the mat.
EXHALE, plant right foot in between hands, spin back heel down to 45 degrees (toes facing the top left corner of your mat).
INHALE, come to stand with arms alongside ears for warrior I (you’re doing it!).
EXHALE, plant hands to frame foot. Step back to plank, then lower halfway.
INHALE, upward facing dog
EXHALE, downward facing dog.

Repeat on left side.

Once you’ve completed the left side, breathe in downward facing dog.
Look forward, walk or jump to the top of your mat, INHALE, halfway lift.
EXHALE, fold forward.
INHALE, chair pose.
EXHALE, mountain pose.

Repeat complete cycle three times.

*Options for Sun Salutation B:

First Cycle: Add a lunge twist after warrior I, left hand down, pick up back heel, and twist toward raised right arm.

Second Cycle: Humble warrior I after warrior I, interlace hands behind back, bring torso inside bent leg and stretch shoulders. THEN release left hand down for lunge twist.

Third Cycle: Repeat above steps and add a side plank after lunge twist.

Finally, rest in child’s pose for five breaths.


Come to all fours and neutral spine, INHALE, right arm up.

EXHALE, thread it under left arm. Rest on right shoulder. Stay for five breaths.
INHALE, press up to untwist and gaze up.
EXHALE, neutral spine.

Repeat on left side.

We’ll end with breath practice. Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and breathe.

INHALE for counts of four.
EXHALE for counts of seven.

Stay for three to five minutes, then slowly open your eyes, and smile.

Namaste, loves!


// C R E D I T S //

Photos Via: Sara Kerens

Yoga Bestie: Katherine Harris from The Refined Woman

Yoga T-Shirts: Spiritual Gangster

Yoga Mat: Jade Yoga

Time For Self-Care



I'll be honest with you: I don't have the answers. I only have experiences, reflections and lessons. Isn't that the way life works though? If we take a moment to step out of our own lives and allow ourselves to see the bigger picture, doesn't it all boil down to experiences and lessons?  

The main question I ask myself is, “How can I love myself well?” Self-care has become a coined term relating to practices that range from quietude to luxurious treatments, and although they’re all fair definitions for it, I want to include perhaps a new way for you to approach it.

It involves stepping outside our minds and entering our hearts. One of the most recent revelations I've had is that I want to be able to be as aware of my feelings and needs during times of joy as I am during times of stress. Self-care facilitates this transparency. It's the link between our hearts and our perspectives on life. That's where I think the gift of the precious present lies. The pot of gold. The edge of the rainbow.  

The ultimate lessons in self-care that I can pass on to you are this:


Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. - Dr. Seuss

A life of leisure in my everyday life is what I strive for. These are some of my favorite spontaneous practices: middle-of-the-day DIY face scrubs and masks, extra essential oil drops on my skin to feel like a goddess, long walks through the plant store while listening to my favorite music, gym time, reading all kinds of books that enlighten and inspire me, signing up for that class I've been wanting to take, etc. Thinking of "normal" activities as luxurious ones or even switching the time of day I enjoy them adds an element of fun and playfulness to my self-care routines. In addition, taking a leisurely approach to my day immediately adds the illusion of time to my life, which makes me more prone to notice, acknowledge and perhaps even smile to the person next to me. This is one of the truest benefits from practicing self-care: when we care for our internal selves we're better able to externalize feelings of peace, compassion and love to the world around us.


Silence is the quickest avenue to our soul. In quietude, we face ourselves, our feelings, our lacks, our desires, our questions and our dreams. I find that each day is different when it comes to sitting quietly. Sometimes I'm in the zone for twenty minutes straight and other times it's a huge struggle to stay still for two minutes. It's always telling of what's underneath the surface of course. I've experienced enough of the bliss that happens when I push through the chatter and arrive to my inner peaceful place to know that it's worth pushing through. Bliss, my loves. BLISS. If you're willing, I encourage you to check out these apps. I use them either at home in the mornings, in bed at night, or sometimes while I’m nursing and Levi drifts to sleep. Make this experience your own and don't overthink it. In yoga, it's said that a still body will facilitate a still mind, but just remember that the goal isn't to quiet the mind completely, it's to slow it down enough for you to see what's there, without judgement. These are my favorite meditation apps:

  • Calm

  • Headspace

  • Mindfulness

  • Stop, Breathe & Think

They each have free + premium options. I usually just choose a free one and it does the trick! 

I hope you enjoy this approach to self-care. I'd love to hear about your journey as you incorporate some of these or maybe even come up with ones that your heart is yearning for! I find that taking a step back from our busy lives, listening to our hearts and honoring what it needs always brings a sacred perspective to our days and lives. 

Sending you all love,