How Young Is Too Young To Be Sexy


I had Lightroom open to a full gallery of images taken in Puerto Rico of the most beautiful girl in the world, my cousin Camila. I started doing what I usually do: select several pictures at a time and flag the best one. Flag, flag, flag, flag. They’re all so great; Camila is such a beauty! 

There are some where her face takes up the entire screen and I can see the innocence in her eyes. Then there are other images where there’s a bit more of a serious tone, almost to the point of them being sexy. I think she looks absolutely stunning in them, but then I remember she’s only 16 years old. Taking a moment to think of my fleeting thought made me want to write this post, because I feel like there’s such a gray area nowadays on not only what is sexy but also what’s the age of sexy?

I think we should rephrase the question and instead of asking ourselves how young is too young to be sexy we should ask ourselves what do we want that “sexy” to be.

Sexiness has little to do with clothing and a lot to do with being. As Mila's [favorite] older cousin who runs a boudoir photography business, I’m constantly asking myself if the content I produce would be something I’d be ok sharing with her, because if it isn’t, then I know it’s not the right type of work that boosts my vision for women.

To me, sexy should be related to these words,

  • Confidence

  • Strength

  • Uniqueness

  • Femininity

  • Power

Rather than these ones,

  • Sex

  • Promiscuity

  • Desperation

  • Revealing

  • Easy

I want Mila and her friends to know that being sexy is a way of being and not a way of dressing. I want her to know that it’s OK to embrace your femininity, as long as it’s with respect and dignity to yourself. I’m the first one to wear the smallest bikinis or post pictures of myself in lingerie, but I do it all with because they’re 100 percent ME – they’re never for attention or approval.

On my last trip to Puerto Rico, we had about 10 minutes to shoot this series. They mean so much to me because I see her at the cusp of becoming a young lady, still with an almost-tangible purity that’s held in her copper eyes.

Through these pictures, this post and all my future work, I hope to always be an example for her of what being a sexy woman really is about.

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With love,