To Empower: To Give (Someone) The Authority Or Power To Do Something.

Photo featuring  Malabella Jewels

Photo featuring Malabella Jewels

Of all the buzz words I've been aware of, empower is my favorite. I can literally spend hours on Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc. discovering and interacting with other women whose mission is to empower one another. 

A couple years ago, I attended Jessie Artigue's, creator of Style & Pepper, popular Pepper Brunch. The theme was all about building your dream career and guest speaker Cyndie Spiegel was there to disclose all the dirty secrets on how to do so. The moment she said her business goal was to "empower women, business owners and humans," I was all ears. "That's also my dream!" I thought. Then, something really strange happened. I reworded a question I often ask myself, "What do I want to do to empower women?" and instead asked, "What am I doing to empower women?" and was left a bit disillusioned, knowing I can do more. 

So, being the beginning of a new year and all, I think it's a perfect time to start doing instead of wanting to do. To that end, I’m writing this post and already have weeks of content to serve YOU: to bring you useful, fun, helpful, authentic and [hopefully] inspiring content. You can expect goodies about motherhood, womanhood, fitness, wellness, loving yourself, feeling sexy, creating community and simply cultivating kindness in your heart.

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