Sweaty & Sexy CAN Co-Exist


I was on my way to the gym the other day and as I walked into the studio I realized I was already sweating. Awesome. The plus side is that I could skip my warm up! Kidding, you should never skip a warm up!


If you're anything like me, you sweat just by saying the word "sweat," so I decided to kindly put a list together on how to cope with all this sweatiness - in a sexy way.

1. Water mist: I rather be wet from fresh water coming out of a delicate mister than from my pores continuously releasing beads of sweat. I carry Avene's with me during the day - when I lived in NYC it was especially helpful when standing on the subway platform waiting for the next train. HOTTEST MINUTES OF MY DAY. Now I mist myself basically all day.

2. Hand-held fan: they're highly portable and highly chic. It's one of my favorite feminine elements during the hotter months. I picked up mine from my travels, but here's an inexpensive option and another that's adorable but on the pricey side. 

3.  Sweating on purpose: if you're going to sweat, might as well do it right and get a workout in. Take your workout to the local park if you can stand the heat! It's a win-win for everyone - you get to be comfy in workout pants AND everyone around you will appreciate that you're IN workout pants.

4. Skirts (and baby powder): yet another win-win. Skirts and dresses are some of the most feminine outfit options you have in the summer. They allow you to stay fresh + cool up there  all while showing off your beautiful legs. The best remedy to avoid chaffing is a little baby powder. Works like a charm.

I have tons more summer secrets to keep me semi-sane, but I didn't want to make this the longest post ever. Please share some of YOUR summer secrets because I'm all ears! 

Stay sexy, my loves.