Sara del Monte is a photo and video artist who specializes in connecting deeply with her subjects and capturing their essence in the most liberating and invigorating way. Born and raised in Puerto Rico and now residing in Sarasota, Florida, Sara draws an almost-tangible warmth, serenity and softness from her subjects, allowing for authentic and natural expressions to coat her images. Based in New York since 2013, Sara’s client list and collaborations include brands such as Lululemon, ClassPass, Glamour Magazine, Darling Magazine, GQ Magazine, Brunello Cucinelli, Malabella Jewels, Impish Lee Lingerie, The Warwick Hotel, Boro Hotel, Wanderlust Yoga Festival and many more. Her most constant sources of inspiration are the human body and nature along with works that involve passion and freedom of movement as key themes. Moved by these concepts, Sara captures people in their most genuine and raw state. 


All photos on this site were taken by Sara del Monte